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Athletic Mouthwear

Whether golf is your passion, hockey is your hobby, or football is your sport of choice, athletic mouthwear can help protect your mouth while improving your performance. How? Wearing an athletic mouthguard keeps you from being able to clench your jaw or teeth while you’re practicing or in the middle of a game—which keeps your body from releasing hormones that can slow you down and undermine your performance. 

Athletic mouthwear works by alleviating the pressure on the temporomandibular joint, preventing you from clenching your jaw. Because you can’t clench your teeth together, your brain doesn’t send the signal to your body to release hormones associated with stress. The end result?  You get to perform to your full potential.

Getting a customized mouthguard is both quick and easy, and can be done in conjunction with another planned visit to the dentist. We’ll make impressions of your teeth (top and bottom) and will also take a bite impression to ensure an optimal fit. After getting your impressions finished, we’ll call you when your mouthguard is ready for you to pick up.